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The choice of the pieces of this CD was first presented at the beginning of the Nineties of the last century when my concert activity was at dawn. These pieces are then strictly related to a time of my life not far from the school years but they all nevertheless contain and trasmit high emotion even if in a different genre. It comes of pages of famous notes written by the most sensible artists and they are therefore beyond the time and the place. They have been chronologically organized: from J.S. Bach, symbol of the Baroque style and perhaps of the Music - my favourite author thanks to whom I have discovered and studied harpsichord - to C.A. Debussy, an “impressionist genius“ a definition that the artist has never approved. The mystery of the beauty of music, of any piece of music, is enclosed in a topos - common and very real, overwhelming and immediate, one of the ways of salvation for mankind - able to establish a direct communication between I and we, between I-corporeality and the inner self, while we are witnessing helplessly the exponential proliferation of many languages (inhuman) and the misuse of languages (anti-human).

Steps of music notes... for freedom is the idea that wants to remember the condition of cultural, spiritual and social constraints that afflicts the majority of people on Earth. From the streets in Guatemala to all the streets around the world, going through different routes with the right steps to be reflected in the many faces encountered on the way.



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